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The next step in evaluating energy usage is a comprehensive energy audit, which can provide businesses with short and long-term frameworks on the most effective ways to change operations and invest in more energy efficient systems. The kWh Countdown program will provide one of the highest industry standards for auditing: an ASHRAE level 2 energy audit.

An ASHRAE level 2 energy audit is an in-depth and detailed analysis measuring the energy performance of the entire building and then pinpointing the range of measures that can be taken to optimally save businesses money and increase revenue streams. The audit will identify the greatest cost-effective range of energy efficient measures, from no cost/low cost measures to large capital investment projects. The audit will also include a timeline of when equipment upgrades should take place to make the entire building as energy efficient as possible. The measures recommended by auditors will provide your company with a personal and unique evaluation on changes that effectively reduce utility bills and increase overall performance, health, and safety of your business facility.
An energy audit is an analysis of your building’s performance.

Additional Business Services

To find additional resources that Ventura County businesses can take advantage of to help improve their energy efficiency, visit VCREA’s website.

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