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One of the most basic tools a business can use to understand their energy performance is a benchmarking assessment. Benchmarking compares your building’s energy usage to that of similar buildings with comparable hours of operation, services provided, and climate conditions. Using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®, the kWh Countdown team will conduct this assessment for any business that applies. This evaluation will give businesses insight to how they rank against others in their field in terms of energy usage and opportunities for energy conservation.

California Energy Commission’s Benchmarking Program Requirements
Since benchmarking is a no-cost way to evaluate your building’s energy use, it has been integrated into statewide energy policy. AB 802 requires buildings with more than 50,000 square feet of gross floor area and no residential utility accounts to submit energy use benchmarking data to the California Energy Commission.

The kWh Countdown program provides this service for free to all business that apply.

Additional Business Services

To find additional resources that Ventura County businesses can take advantage of to help improve their energy efficiency, visit VCREA’s website.

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